The Things Network is a project born in Amsterdam in 2015, later replicated in cities around the world, with the goal of creating a global open network dedicated to Internet of Things.

iNebula is the first company in Italy to take part actively in the first Italian project on “The Things Network” in the city of Milan.

We want to be the promoters of the disclosure in Italy of technologies related to the Internet of Things, to help companies-private-public administrations to exploit the benefits arising from the Internet of things.

We firmly believe The Things Network project goes perfectly with our idea to make any device a “smart object”, providing it with the intelligence that our iNebula Connect platform is able to give it.

The Things Network project includes the establishment of an Open wireless network dedicated IoT exploiting potential offered by LoRaWAN technology. This technology allows you to connect devices to the Internet without using 3G or WiFi connections, therefore you don’t need to pay any subscription with mobile operators or installation costs.

Main features that make LoRaWAN Gateway  ideal for a network dedicated to the Internet of things are low power consumption, high range, low cost, low bandwidth.

To build a network based on IoT LoRaWAN technology you need to install a number of Gateway LoRa able to cover the area inside which you want to place the objects/sensors to monitor.

For example, to cover the entire city of Amsterdam were installed 10 gateway spending total $ 12,000 ($ 1,200 each).

Today are available various types of LoRaWAN gateway, with different characteristics according to needs, with a price ranges from a minimum of 200 € to a maximum of € 1,500. This low price allow you to cover an entire city with small investments.



Once positioned the gateway and set the sensors to monitor, you can use iNebula Connect platform to manage the entire data stream and put it safely in the cloud through our datacenter located in Italy.

iNebula Connect

Thanks to iNebula Connect you can:

  • connect securely (encrypted communication) each device with the platform. If you have a problem, an alarm is triggered;i
  • Geo-locating device, simplifying maintenance operations;
  • Perform remot updates automatically for application and system;
  • Communicate with devices using MQTT protocol
  • Remotely manage the device causing a reset/reboot
  • Access device via VPN
  • Leverage Complex Event Processing:
    • Continuous Queries per Real-Time Analytics
    • Language «Declarative SQL-like»
    • Complex Statistical Operations
    • Programmable via REST API
  • Set Triggers:
    • Alerts: SMS, Email, Twitter
    • Fully integrated with MQTT, REST, WebSockets
    • Parametric
  • Control and implement security policies
  • Monitor platform performance and health status of individual components
  • Make real-time analytics
  • Easily create custom report for analysis

Costs are proportional to the number of device making it the right service for any kind of projects.

Through our iNebula Connect platform within The Things Network project we want to contribute to the development of a global network dedicated to the Internet of Things by which anyone can benefit from it.