iNebula Vidio

iNebula Vidio: Videoconferencing Makes Collaboration Much Easier

iNebula Vidio improves communications during online meetings

  iNebula Vidio is an affordable, reliable, fast and safe cloud videoconferencing service, that does not require the installation of applications, and is fully accessible via the web through the cloud. Using the iNebula portal, you can videoconference or follow webinars directly from your desktop, tablet, smartphone or conference room.

Technical Information

Thanks to iNebula you can extend the
experience of telepresence to your
smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and conference room, in an easy and natural way.

iNebula Vidio Connect Mobile

This service transforms iOS™ and Android™ smartphones and tablets into high performance telepresence endpoints. The service is exceptionally versatile. When you are on the move, you can have multipoint HD videoconferences, so you can do business whatever 3G/4G mobile data service or wireless connection you have available. The service is always with you, giving you all the versatility of a dynamic telepresence capability.

iNebula Vidio Connect Desktop

Transforms your Windows™, Mac™ and Linux™ laptops and desktops into personal telepresence endpoints. The service includes “any participant” content sharing, and the ability to call other users, participate in conferences, or invite a third party with the simple click of a button: all this over standard IP networks. Working together has never been so easy.

iNebula Vidio Room

It is an application-based endpoint for fixed installations, offering real-time performance over standard IP networks. Thanks to advanced capabilities, like the remote camera controls, and integration with all types of endpoints, remote participants have the feeling of being in the same room and actively taking part in the conversation, instead of feeling like passive observers. This way, telepresence enters your company.

iNebula Vidio Multiconference

While this new technology brings additional benefits and economic advantages, it is important not to lose sight of the investment made in the existing technological infrastructure. iNebula Vidio Multiconference allows you to keep on using your conference systems and legacy MCUs, integrating them into the new videoconferencing system. This way, the integration with legacy endpoints is not only easy, but also cost-effective. iNebula Vidio Multiconference connects to pre-existing MCUs and videoconference endpoints, like Polycom and Tandberg, allowing interoperability and data sharing. Integration and savings.

iNebula Vidio Recording

Record and create a webcast allowing many users to simultaneously take part in a videoconference with their web browsers, in real time or at a later time. With iNebula Vidio Recording, each endpoint becomes a content creation station. With just a click of the mouse, authorized users can register and/or create a webcast on any topic: customer support procedures, product announcements, medical procedures, training sessions, in-depth analysis, or any other type of videoconference. Create content, record and communicate in the easiest way.

iNebula Vidio Voice

If you don’t have access to a camera or to an internet connection to join a conference, Vidio Voice provides you voice-only partecipation. You can choose a local access number from more than 30 countries and a number of talk-time minutes depending on your needs. If necessary, you can always add new local access numbers and buy more minutes of conversation. Connections are available from any type of wired, wireless or IP telephone.



iNebula Vidio is:

  • An all-Italian service that promotes collaboration and communication between companies, while promoting cost savings
  • An economically sustainable professional service at highly competitive prices
  • Clear and immediate: with an easy and intuitive mode, it’s as easy as an app
  • An Italian customer service center available 24/7
  • A web portal for accessing iNebula Vidio services available 24/7

Type Of Service

With iNebula Vidio, the engaging telepresence experience is easily and naturally extended to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and conference room.

iNebula Vidio is offered in different usage configurations:

  • iNebula Vidio Connect Mobile: videoconferencing for mobile users
  • iNebula Vidio Connect Desktop: videoconferencing for fixed users
  • iNebula Vidio Room: videoconferencing in conference rooms
  • iNebula Vidio Multiconference: integration with pre-existing systems
  • iNebula Vidio Recording: recording and webcast services
  • iNebula Vidio Voice: audiocall service