iNebula Safe

iNebula Safe: Maximum Data Security In The Cloud

The best data protection and retention in cloud storage. Guaranteed.

iNebula Safe is the strategic key to your company’s success: with its wide range of solutions that meet all security standards, it ensures excellent results in terms of both data integrity and compliance to applicable laws.

The iNebula Safe family of services consists of:

  • Safe Backup Sync designed for:
    • OpenStack Swift standard compatibility
    • Sync&Share of files and projects
    • Sicure Cloud Backup and easy configuration
    • A complete disaster recovery service
  • Safe Doc for the protection and retention of important fiscal, administrative and legal company documents in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Safe Pec for the protection and retention, in conformance with all applicable laws, of messages and attachments sent and received via Certified Email.
  • Safe Invoice for electronic invoicing to and between all public offices.


Technical Information

iNebula Safe Backup Sync

The solution that protects your data while ensuring their recovery in case of:

  • Technical problems (server, PC or laptop issues)
  • Human error
  • Natural events (fire, earthquakes, flooding)

Safe Backup Sync is based on Synology technology compatible with the OpenStack Swift standards. This service adopts a hybrid cloud backup solution that allows replication and backup both on a local NAS (local storage) and to the iNebula cloud (Italian Data Center). iNebula Backup Sync is an OPEN cloud solution, it means that can be used with customer’s NAS, provided that these NAS are compatible with the OpenStack Swift standards. Our cloud backup service is reliable, fast, secure and fully accessible via web through any device (smartphone, tablet and PC desktop). It includes natively Sync & Share function for easy documents and projects sharing, synchronization of different devices and data sharing over the network. In the event of a disaster involving the client’s systems including storage provided, iNebula guarantees the free supply within 48 hours of a Cloud storage for immediate disaster recovery of business data.

iNebula Doc, iNebula Pec, iNebula Invoice

The iNebula Doc, Pec (Certified Email) and Invoice solutions are designed by iNebula and Unimatica S.p.A. using web technology, and can be installed on the CED and the client’s servers, or be used in ASP (Application Service Provisioning) mode on the cloud, ensuring adequate security criteria and business continuity, as well as complete compliance with all laws pertaining to the safeguarding of handled data.

This application is compliant with the standards set forth by the DigitPA and the Italian Tax Authority. iNebula and Unimatica comply with all security requirements (guaranteeing document integrity and safeguarding them from unauthorized handling), as well as provisions regarding data retention and ease of consultation, provided by the implementation of various search criteria. The procedure covers all steps for electronic storage and retention of electronic documents, with time stamping and digital signature of the person responsible for document retention or his designated representative, in order to certify the correct process has been used.


iNebula Safe is:

  • More efficient

The family of Safe solutions allows data backup of both the application and the operating systems, retaining data and safeguarding them in compliance with all applicable laws, using secure encryption technology in cloud computing.

  • More reliable

Data is saved, protected and stored on high-performance, secure storage systems. Information is readily available through a web interface. Our data centers are located in Italy and are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by certified Italian employees.

  • Automated

Once the process and the rules have been defined, it is no longer necessary to invest your time in backing up your data and managing sensitive information.

  • Safer and compliant with applicable standards

Data is saved in secure data centers located in Italy and is automatically encrypted and digitally signed. All Safe solutions exempt companies from any legal obligation, saving you administrative costs and penalties. When you subscribe to a Safe solution, you authorize the service provider to take on the role of Retention Manager for all legal, fiscal and administrative documents.

  • Easy to use, with low activation and management costs

Management systems, databases, email, documents, images and photos can all be saved and stored with a single web-based, secure tool.

  • Mobile and modular

The iNebula Safe solutions synchronize your data with remote data centers for disaster recovery. Cloud and mobile collaboration ensures web access to your data in a safe and encrypted way, anywhere, anytime.

Type Of Service

iNebula Safe Backup Sync

iNebula Safe Backup Sync is available in three different formats:

1. Total Sync: Synology NAS (local storage) + Cloud space on iNebula server (Data Center in Italy)
2. Cloud Sync: Cloud space on iNebula server (Data Center in Italy). This option is available only for customers that are using NAS compatible with OpenStack Swift standards.
3. Local Sync: Local Storage with Synology NAS.

iNebula Safe Doc

iNebula Safe Doc is a reliable and secure cloud service for the protection and retention, in compliance with applicable legislation, of important fiscal, administrative and legal company documents, or more generally of any document for which you no longer require a hard copy, but for which you wish to have a validated digital copy.
The Safe Doc solution allows private and public companies to manage all company data in a fully digital and electronic way, rendering them accessible through the web.
The solution is compliant with all provisions set forth in applicable legislation:
– Article 5 of the CNIPA Resolution 11/2004 (Retention Manager)
– Articles 43 and 44 of Legislative Decree 82/2005 and subsequent amendments per Legislative Decree 235/2010 (Reproduction and retention of documents and Requirements for the retention of electronic documents).
When you subscribe to the Safe Doc service, you authorize the service provider to take on the role of Retention Manager for all your legal, fiscal and administrative documents. By means of this power of attorney, the client has no bureaucratic obligations to fulfill, and no longer needs to worry about periodically updating their archives in order to ensure the validity of their documents when the digital signatures expire.

iNebula Safe Pec

iNebula Safe Pec is a cloud service designed for the protection and retention, in compliance with applicable legislation, of all emails and attached documents sent and received by Certified Email.
The Safe Pec service is an archiving tool for all messages that are sent and received with a Certified Email account, and it is provided as an add-on to the Safe Doc solution.
As of 2009, current legislation in Italy requires all professionals who are registered with professional registers or associations to have a Certified Email account. Certified Email can be completely assimilated with regular email, but has the same judicial and legal value of a certified letter with return receipt. As with paper documents, emails and attachments sent and/or received via Certified Email must be digitally archived and retained in compliance with applicable laws, so they can be recovered, consulted and viewed by third parties at any moment and with a single system. To guarantee the validity of a Certified Email message over time, it is necessary to retain it using the same criteria applicable to an administrative document (like an invoice or DDT).

iNebula Safe Invoice

iNebula Safe Invoice is a protected and secure cloud computing service used to protect and retain invoices and fiscal documents in compliance with applicable laws.
From June 2014, all invoices submitted to any Public Administration or between Public Administrations must be in digital format.
The Safe Invoice solution allows private and public companies to manage digitally and electronically both active and passive invoices, as well as other fiscal documents, like credit notes, debit notes, DDTs, etc.
The system manages all incoming and outgoing invoices with a totally electronic process, respecting the specific criteria for the passive and active cycles typical of the business.
The electronic invoices managed by Safe Invoice are archived and retained in compliance with applicable law, both as authentic copies (in the case of invoices issued or received in digital format), and as replacement copies (in the case of paper-based documents), thus allowing companies to completely eliminate paper archives for all taxation and fiscal documents required by the law. Compliant electronic storage (C-SOST) is managed by the system and service provided by Safe Doc and Pec.