iNebula Connect View

Create your free IoT Dashboard.


Are you looking for an easy and free web platform to visualize data on graphs from your IoT devices?


iNebula Connect View is a web platform built for IoT that allows for free and without time limits to monitor and display on a custom dashboard data arising from your devices connected to The Things Network and Sigfox.

All you need is some devices, located anywhere in the world, connected to The Things Network or Sigfox. Then iNebula Connect View will automatically detect your devices. You can create unlimited IoT dashboard, it’s free up to 5 devices ( sensors/gateways ).

The dashboard is a powerful tool and open to any type of wireless network dedicated to the Internet of Things, it means that “on request” you can connect and visualize data from different IoT networks (not only from The Things Network and Sigfox). Contact us on for more details.

Just few steps to view data from your devices:

  1. connect your devices to The Things Network or Sigfox
  2. free registration to iNebula Connect View
  3. insert the ID CODES of your devices
  4. create and customize you IoT dashboard




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Do you need  an enterprise solution with advanced features to manage your IoT devices and projects?