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Cloud HD video conferencing just one click away

iNebula Vidio Light is both a web portal and a cloud based video conferencing service based on WebRTC technology .
Try iNebula Vidio Light and you will be able to choose the right professional video conferencing service for your needs, starting from a completely free solution to become familiar with the tool ending with a complete video room for your business meetings.


The new video communication service, entirely free, based on WebRTC technology.

iNebula Vidiolight is a cloud based video conferencing service affordable, reliable, fast and secure that requires no installation and is fully accessible via web, based on WebRTC technology, developed by the W3C in close collaboration with the standard RTCWeb developed by the IETF.

What is WebRTC?

The WebRTC standard solves a very common problem: incompatibility for real-time communications. Today, to make audio and video calls from a computer, users need to download proprietary software and create an account.

WebRTC standardizes communications made using a browser, allowing the audio and video communication, and exchange of data to support text chat or file-sharing.


Technical data

Vidiolight can convert any pc, laptop or smart phone with a web browser into a sophisticated communications device, allowing text, voice calling, video chat and content sharing.


Only a few seconds to start using it!
Vidiolight facilitates video communication through a pleasant and intuitive interface.

Platform and device independent

Everywhere, browser based
The service is available through the browser and is accessible from any mobile device. Just an internet connection, open a browser and access the service.

Ease of Use

No plugin or add-ons
Using the service will not require any complicated process of adding plugins or additional components.

Instant messaging and group chat

Up to 5 guests
Communicate securely with the function 1 to 1 or group chat.

Multiple media streams

Scalable and secure
Vidiolight is an adaptive network solution that compensates and adjusts to changing network conditions. It adjusts the communications quality, responds to bandwidth availability, detecting and avoiding congestion.

System Security

Secure RTP Protocol
Vidiolight works with voice and video encryption. The Secure RTP protocol (SRTP) is used for encryption and authentication of both voice and video. This is especially beneficial over WiFi networks: it prevents eavesdropping and recording of voice and video.

Locked rooms

The privacy of a room is enforced by the ability to add a PIN.

Features chart: iNebula Vidiolight vs. iNebula Vidio

 Inebula VidiolightInebula Vidio
Persisting room URLYesYes
Web clientYes, without plugin on Google Chrome, Firefox and OperaYes (with plug in)
ChatYes, onlineYes, only within the conference
Video/Voice/Signaling encryptionYes/Yes/YesYes/Yes/Yes
Screen/windows capture and sharingYesYes
Files/documents distributionYes, to the conference’s participantsNo
Supported platformsAny platform supporting one of the WEBRTC compliant browserMS Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Mac IOS
Participants per room5Virtually unlimited
Free Guests per room425
Video codecVP8H.264 SVC
ArchitecturePeer-to-peerHub Spoke
InteroperabilityNoYes, optional SIP e/o H.323
RecordingNoYes, optional
StreamingNoYes, optional
Hybrid cloud optionNoYes, for intranet traffic isolation and local interoperability
Workgroup/tenant professional Planned Q2 2015Yes