iNebula Contact Center: evolved cloud service for customer care and customer engagement

Contact Center service allow you to get in touch directly with your customers through HD audio/video communications. The software includes advanced features designed to activate processes of customer engagement, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.


The goal is to enable companies to establish direct contact with their consumer through emotional connections around the product or service offered, to involve and make them brand ambassadors. The platform has innovative features designed to increase the level of customer satisfaction by making each point of contact a “unique” experience.

Application areas for iNebula Contact Center:

It is an online platform, cloud-based, with advanced features for managing business customer service through high definition audio/video communications.

iNebula Contact Center helps you to:

  • Improve communication quality with your customers, making it easier and more efficient
  • Monitor attention level of meeting participants
  • Guarantee a “different” and “innovative” customer experience through HD audio/video communications
  • Profile each detail of your customers
  • Reuse in an intelligent way your contents, maximizing the results during follow-up (webcast)
  • Track usage of all platform features to allow you to perform analysis and improvement actions
  • Easily integrate it with ticketing systems, CRM, e-commerce
  • Define a workflow to create and complete online document with the customer

     Features and advantages – iNebula Contact Center

    • Platform entirely built in HTML5, cloud based, and designed to be used online, via web browser
    • Remote Control functionality allows the operator to intervene directly on the customer desktop
    • Platform security through the adoption of the highest secure standard, including redundant components and support 7/24/365
    • Mail Alerting configurable to suit your needs
    • HD video communication client/company through desktop and mobile devices with very low latency (10 ms) and a minimum bandwidth required of 300 KB/s. 
    • Billing Manager to allow users to use advanced features through prepaid or postpaid credit
    • Tracking of all functions to perform real-time analysis, exploiting them for ad hoc improvements
    • Customer Engagement able to intelligently manage requests, and automatically direct the user to the specific operator
    • Knowledge Base as “preventive” function and to support the management of the problems with which you can collect and share the most common solutions and answers
    • Recording e webcasting
    • Customizing front end based tenant
    • Platform Integration with CMS tools
    • Customer retention
    • Tracking and customer identification