iNebula Connect

iNebula Connect: the 100% italian solution to manage the complexity of Internet of Things.

iNebula Connect offers, as a service, a distributed  and secure platform built to support «smart object», data gathering, archiving and intelligent distribution.

Thanks to iNebula Connect one can implement high value applications, real time analytics, with a mostly endless scalability over the data gathered by the «smart object.

Application areas for iNebula Connect:

Reliable information makes it possible to intervene in real time in many areas today where we need to act reactively. For example:

  • Greater ability of control and governance of complex situations
  • Decision analytics based on data collected in real time from sensors in the field
  • Process optimization
  • Real-time behavior monitoring  of marketing phenomena
  • Optimization of resource consumption
  • Realization of complex systems able to act autonomously

Therefore the need for a new generation of “smart objects” and “business application” which process the vast amount of data produced. 

Examples of advanced features offered by the service

  • Device Config: the object connectes to the platform and receives the basic configuration parameters.
  • Device Access: although “hidden” by a firewall, the object can be contacted and accessed through the platform via a secure VPN, created from the object towards the platform.
  • App Config: the application inside the object receives configuration parameters.
  • App Update: the application on board the object can be updated automatically by the platform, without human intervention.
  • Data Collection and Storage: the data collected from the devices are securely transferred and stored in a Big Data storage
  • Analysis and Access: On board the storage itself data may be subject to a first automatic processing to produce derived data. APIs allow access to data and make possible the development of high-level applications quickly and inexpensively
  • Device Communication: different communication channels available (Internet, Intranet, WiFi, SMS, 3G/4G…)

 iNebula Connect: general structure

Connect database is NoSQL optimized to manage big data:

  • Redundant, Replicated, Distributed, highly reliable and scalable
  • Data are automatically normalized according to M2M data model

Connect allows Complex Event Processing:

  • Continuous Queries per Real-Time Analytics
  • Language «Declarative SQL-like»
  • Complex Statistical Operations
  • Programmable via REST API

Configurable Triggers:

  • Alerts: SMS, Email, Twitter
  • Fully integrated with MQTT, REST, WebSockets
  • Parametric

MQTT protocol is used for communications between devices and iNebula Connect platform.

Each smart object can be connected safely through encrypted communication channel:

  • iNebula Datacenter is located in Italy, Milan and redundant in Ravenna
  • Certification 27001:2013
  • Infrastructure is based on redundant physical devices in HA configuration, system-level, network and storage
  • Servicses are provided by virtual machines in VMWare environment
  • Performance and operational status of all components are monitored h24 by two NOC / SOC
  • NOC / SOC handles any error messages and security alerts with a response team capable of preventing cyber attacks and intrusion.




We are Business Partners of The Things Network – Milan to contribute to the creation of a global network dedicated to the Internet of Things. FIND OUT MORE