Our Cloud Service Offerings

At iNebula we realize each company has different needs, and that is why we offer a whole family of flexible, fast and secure Cloud
Connected services, that allow you to communicate and collaborate, safeguard and protect your data,
overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, ensure the safety of your activities and spaces.

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Web platform for IoT devices

iNebula Connect View is a web platform for IoT that allows to visualize on a dashboard data from devices connected to The Thngs Network and Sigfox.


Managing the IoT

iNebula Connect is able to offer advanced management capabilities for the data coming from the "smart object". The platform, offered in SaaS mode, is extremely flexible and scalable and allows enterprises operating in all markets to suit their needs thanks to an array of customizations provided by the iNebula team.


Data security and retention in compliance with applicable laws

The family of cloud services is designed to ensure protection and retention of your data, the company's most valuable asset. iNebula Safe Backup Sync, iNebula Safe Doc, iNebula Safe Pec and iNebula Safe Invoice ensure the highest security criteria and business continuity, as well as total conformance with data protection and data retention legislation.


webRTC videocommunication

A video conferencing service that enables reliable, fast and safe conference calls, cutting costs for the adoption of ad hoc devices and infrastructure. Simple and immediate as an application, it allows you to connect in teleconference on desktops, tablets, smartphones, and conference rooms.


Secure cloud videoconferencing

A videoconferencing service that offers reliable, fast and safe conference calls, with significant savings for the company. As easy and immediate as an app, it allows you to connect and teleconference using your desktop, tablet, smartphone or conference room. It can be integrated with pre-existing systems.


Cloud security management

Cloud IT security service, managed with the same features used for big organizations, such as support center available 24 hours a day with bilingual operators. That's why your security is our priority.

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