Business partners

At iNebula we are looking for business partners in the field of Information and Communication Technology.
Do you have a lot of initiative and want to make a difference on the market?
We need you to help us build our sales network nationwide.

iNebula’s Ideal Partner

A business partner with a national sales network

With resale experience for TLC services on the SME market

Strongly dynamic, sensitive to pursuing business objectives

Why Become Part Of Our Team?


  • See your sales opportunities grow as you create a more diverse portfolio of services and solutions
  • Bring in significant, consistent profits
  • Offer value-added services and solutions
  • Offer new services and solutions to your existing and prospective clients, thus increasing their sense of trust


  • A cloud solution before your competitors do
  • Highly scalable and simple services and solutions
  • Passionate, trustworthy employees
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Lowering costs associated with data protection and recovery
  • Optimizing travel and transfer expenses
  • Protecting personal assets
  • Protecting company assets
  • Saving energy
  • Improving business processes

Become an ICT Business Partner

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