Our Video Services

iNebula Vidio, Vidio Light and Contact Center are based on innovative technologies and are designed to help companies collaborate and communicate more efficiently. We guarantee the highest standards of safety. We allow you to contact your customers directly through communications with HD audio / video. We have developed tailored solutions for customer engagement, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Secure cloud videoconferencing

A videoconferencing service that offers reliable, fast and safe conference calls, with significant savings for the company. As easy and immediate as an app, it allows you to connect and teleconference using your desktop, tablet, smartphone or conference room. It can be integrated with pre-existing systems.


webRTC videocommunication

A video conferencing service that enables reliable, fast and safe conference calls, cutting costs for the adoption of ad hoc devices and infrastructure. Simple and immediate as an application, it allows you to connect in teleconference on desktops, tablets, smartphones, and conference rooms.

Evoleved cloud service for customer care and engagement

iNebula Contact Center is a new cloud service designed to allow you to engage and establish direct contact with your customers through HD audio/video communications via web browser.

Business partners

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