Our Technology and our Values

The Importance Of A Choice Made To Fit

With our Made in Italy cloud
computing services and IoT solutions,
we contribute to the digital innovation

Born from the evolutionary technological ideas of the Itway Group, always a pioneer in anticipating trends and changes, iNebula was formed in 2012 as a SaaS Cloud Service Provider and today also IoT integrator.

Since 1994, the Itway Group has always believed in the Internet, and it imported Netscape. In the course of 20 years, it has grown throughout Europe thanks to its flexibility and vision. In 2005, realizing that market evolution would lead to the supremacy of cloud solutions, it acquired the resources needed to create innovative and secure data centers.

As a SaaS Cloud Service Provider, iNebula develops and manages web applications via the Internet, making them accessible through a web browser. The SaaS-based applications are built natively with web logic and optimized to be deployed through the Internet. Each one of our services is designed in collaboration with technology partners that guarantee their functionalities and performance. Going from a “traditional” to a “cloud” infrastructure, and moving from buying software programs to purchasing “SaaS” services, is a strategic choice that has become inescapable.

True to the Computer Safety and Transparency code, we build a cloud model applied to security, to ensure the protection of data, physical spaces and communications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our objective is to continuously improve our technologies to pursue our mission of simplifying and optimizing SME performance. We want to grow along with the businesses contributing to the digital innovation and we offer, as a service, a distributed  and secure platform built to support «smart object», data gathering, archiving and intelligent distribution. We again anticipate the future of the Internet of Things.

I valori

itway-andrea_farina G. Andrea Farina 

Chairman & CEO
Itway Group

“Following are the values to which we refer to guide our behavior and our way of doing business:”:



The concept of “Ethics in Business” is essential and the backbone of our way of doing business. Our behavior is based on principles of honesty, equity and justice. Our business Partners have to have the same requisites.

We are committed to focus on the role, the rights and the opinions of our business partners. We are committed to treating others with dignity, trust and credibility. We aim to create a long-term relationship.

Itway is a team in a race. We promote and support different cultures and professional profiles but that are united in one team. Each one of us is aware that his role is strategic to win. We work together, as a team, to achieve our common objectives.

Change doesn’t scare us; we are not static in covered positions. Creativity in supplying value added to our Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Shareholders is part of our way of doing business. We are able to anticipate change, to seize new challenges and to create and execute new business opportunities.

We accept the responsibility of the result and we are committed to reaching the set objectives and to maintain a superior performance standard. We are responsible for our performance in every act that we undertake.

Way:[n]-1. (manner) a method, style, interpretation or manner of doing something; 2 (route) direction, a course of travel taken to reach a place or an objective; 3 (course) a series of actions or a sequence of events.