iNebula: The Business Cloud Made In Italy

Our cloud computing solutions offer companies the utmost protection and reliability


Our mission is to support the Italian, international and global markets offering flexible and efficient solutions, specifically designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. With the wide range of cloud services and thanks to our Italian Data Centers, at iNebula we guarantee the protection of your data, of your physical spaces, and of your communications.


iNebula Safe: this family of cloud solutions was created to give our clients maximum certainty and peace of mind in protecting and maintaining their most valuable asset: their data.
iNebula Managed Security: the security management cloud service whit NOC & SOC based in Italy.

iNebula Vidio: the videoconferencing cloud service.
iNebula Vidio Light: the videoconferencing cloud service based on WebRTC technology.
iNebula Contact Center: cloud service for business customer care and engagement. 

iNebula Connect: a distributed and secure cloud platform built to support smart object.
iNebula connect view: free dashboard IoT connected to The Things Network or Sigfox.


Information Technology Is In Our DNA

iNebula is part of the Itway Group, a multinational company which is traded on the stock exchange and has been active in the IT area for over 15 years, with more than 280 employees in 6 different European countries, and a total revenue exceeding 120 million Euro.

The group’s business model is based on two types of operations: on the one hand, Itway’s core business, which is the value-added distribution of software technology, and on the other, the offering of services for companies that operate in the fields of e-business, IT security (security cloud), Internet and Intranet application management, wireless and virtualization.

iNebula combines the skills and the integration capabilities of Itway, both in terms of applications, for which it is essential to know the processes and the fields the clients operate in, and of technologies and services, designing and distributing new technologies and solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes.

We are a SaaS SERVICE PROVIDER and we support companies operating on the Italian and international markets with safe and transparent clouds. Our cloud services allow you to access your data anytime and anywhere, while safeguarding and protecting them, as well as optimize resources and electric consumption (energy saving) with constant savings in terms of time and money.

At iNebula we pledge the highest technological support in order to promote profitability and business development, while improving the competitiveness and safety of the companies.

We are well aware that in order for a business to grow, financial investment is not enough: it is necessary to have intuition, information, innovation and experience. That is why iNebula is constantly at work to develop new cloud computing solutions, and we do that by leveraging our experience, our skills, and the rich know-how of the Itway Group.

And that is quite something.